Novel coronavirus, that has claimed lives of a huge number of population worldwide, affects elderly and individuals with underlying conditions more severely than others, says a report of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. This makes it significant for you to take extra care of your ageing parents. We understand that sometimes they can be tough to handle, but remember that once you were equally difficult to handle and still they never left your hands. So, you need to make sure that they remain safe and do not step outside of home and follow social distancing. No matter how childish or careless they behave, it is your duty to make them understand the situation and parent them as your kids. While you try to do that, here we help you with a few tips to succeed in your efforts. Also Read - Coronavirus Lockdown: Now Community Kitchens Will Provide Food to Migrant Workers in UP

Tell them facts

It is commonly seen that ageing parents see and understand things considering their past experiences and they feel that the young generation don’t know much and takes extremely drastic steps. But arguing with them on this won’t do any good. So, instead of doing that, show them facts of international bodies. They need to know that people of all ages are taking preventive measures around the world and therefore they need to follow the same. Fight with their ignorance with facts and not arguments. This way, you can save their lives. Also Read - Coronavirus Relief: Comedian Kapil Sharma Donates Rs 50 Lakh to Prime Minister Relief Fund

Do not make them feel bad about their age

It is significant to make your ageing parents know that it is not about age but immunity. The lower their immunity will be, the more they will be vulnerable to different infections including coronavirus. And, in old age, immunity of people generally take a downfall putting people at risk of getting various health ailments. Also Read - Ruslaan Mumtaz Shares First Photos of His Baby Boy, Writes a Note on Having a Child During Coronavirus Lockdown

Make sure they do not get other infections

In current situation, most of the hospitals are full of coronavirus patients and therefore it would be a bit difficult to get others admitted in a hospital in case of other infections. This can make situation worse for the patient. So, it is your duty to keep your parents safe from seasonal flu, cold and other infections. Give them fruits and vegetables that are known to boost immunity and keep them away from dust.