Coronavirus pandemic has gripped the entire world and has left the medical sector suffer the most. Increasing spread of this novel virus has strained medical resources worldwide. Shortage of medical equipments and protective gears have put medical professionals at greater risk of getting the deadly virus. Doctors around the globe are currently working day-in and day-out to help COVID-19 patients. And, if their safety would be compromised, we will be in a bigger problem than we are today. Also Read - Coronavirus: Kanika Kapoor's Doctor Talk About Her Health, Says She's 'Taking Food Normally'

So, to lend its help in current pandemic situation, various fashion brands are coming up for the rescue. One of those fashion brands includes Chanel. It has recently announced and has started to produce face masks for medical professionals in France. Also Read - UK Boxer Banned After His Video Advising Men How to Hit Women During Coronavirus Lockdown Goes Viral

According to a Reuters report, Chanel has stated, “Today we are mobilizing our workforce and our partners…to produce protective masks and blouses.” Samples and prototypes of the protective gears have already been created and are awaiting the approval of the French authorities so that Chanel can start mass-production of the masks and protective gowns and transport them to the medical staffs in the time of need. This noble work will certainly help the government and reduce its burden during the time of one of the biggest economic and health crisis. Also Read - Lancashire Cricket Club Chairman David Hodgkiss Dies After Contracting Coronavirus

Notably, Chanel has already contributed a total of 1.2 million euros to an emergency fund for the public hospital system. Amidst the worldwide pandemic, a number of other labels and designers including Prada and Christian Siriano have also started making face masks and hand sanitisers for donation.

Until now, 44,550 people have been affected by novel coronavirus in France and 3,024 have lost their lives. The numbers are increasing everyday raising pressure on the medical sector.