With confirmed 143 coronavirus cases and 3 deaths in India, the number of patients seems to be increasing day by day. The pandemic has left the entire world in a state of shock and fear. Believed to be originated in China’s Wuhan city, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of more than 7,500 people globally.Also Read - People With Blood Group Type 'A' And 'O' Have a Special Link to Coronavirus Disease

Amidst this crisis, various remedies and rumors are circulating on social media that have left people confused. Some believe that eating garlic and drinking cow’s urine can prevent them from getting the infection. While others are getting trapped in false promises of fake godmen to cure the deadly infection. Additionally, there are people who are still believing that coronavirus is just regular flu and it cannot do any harm. Well, seemingly they are living in an illusion. Also Read - After US, China Gives Go-Ahead for Human Trials of Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

As the coronavirus pandemic has become an infodemic as well, here we try to bring some facts into your notice and answer some of your common questions. Also Read - Coronavirus: With Over 140 Confirmed Cases, India is at Stage 2. What Does it Mean?

When should we go for the novel coronavirus test?

If you are suffering from fever, sore throat or severe cough, you need to go for the test. Also, if you have recently traveled to a country where coronavirus outbreak has been reported, you need to go for the test and do self-quarantine until the result comes.

If I have been infected with the novel virus, how long will the symptoms take to appear?

Usually, coronavirus patients start getting symptoms within 2-7 days. However, in some cases, it may also take up to 14 days.

Is it important to wear a mask for everyone?

No, only people who are sick need to wear a mask. This is to avoid affecting others. Healthy individuals need not wear a mask as doing so can only increase their risk of getting the infection. This is because people wearing masks may end up adjusting them with their hands that may have been infected earlier by touching an already infected surface.

Will coronavirus cases decrease in summer due to heat?

There is no proof of it yet. There are some tropical countries like Thailand and Singapore that have a significant number of coronavirus patients. And, the number doesn’t seem to be decreasing anywhere soon. Also, during summer, most of the people remain inside air-conditioned rooms making the space crowded. This means, that if one person gets the infection, others can easily get that too.

Can a person get the coronavirus infection twice?

Yes, there are chances of reinfection. But, if you have been infected with COVID-19 once, your body must be containing antibodies that will protect you the second time, making the infection mild.

Are hand sanitizers more effective than soaps?

No, washing your hands with soap and water is considered better as they clear the virus under the nails and in between fingers. Hand sanitizers should be used only in case of emergency when soap is not available.