Coronavirus is dangerous for everyone but especially for those with a chronic condition like diabetes. It has been found that people with uncontrolled diabetes are more likely to get the COVID-19 infection and can experience severe symptoms. Also Read - Coronavirus in West Bengal: 'End Lockdown With Raj Bhawan, we Must Act in Togetherness', Dhankhar Urges Mamata

This is because uncontrolled blood sugar level makes your immune system weak and puts you at an increased risk of getting other ailments. However, a diabetic with controlled blood glucose level has immunity similar as those without the condition. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Actor Dr Ashish Gokhale is Working 24x7 at Hospital to Treat The Coronavirus Patients

So, it advised to diabetics to take a good care of themselves during this pandemic. To keep your blood sugar under control, you can have fiber rich food items as they slow digestion of carbs and sugar absorption. Also, you can indulge in regular exercises at home to increase your body cells’ sensitivity to insulin. This will help your cells to use blood sugar effectively and avoid a rise in its level. Also Read - Suffering From Diabetes? These Leaves Can Help You Manage Your blood Sugar Level

Diabetics are also suggested to drink enough water as it has been found to keep your blood sugar level within limits. Consuming water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps your kidney to flush out excess blood sugar via urine. Additionally, you must control your food portion. Doing this will regulate calorie intake and promote healthy blood sugar level.

To have control over your portion, you can measure and weigh portions. Also, use smaller plates and read food labels before buying them. Picking food items with a low glycemic index is also helpful in keeping blood sugar under control.

During COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing death toll has created a situation of panic and stress among people. And, increasing stress level can be worse for diabetics as it can lead to a sudden spike in their blood sugar level. To control your stress level, you can practice yoga and mindfulness.