COVID-19 is a novel disease that is in news from the past few months and has created a huge damage to the world. Its highly contagious and deadly nature makes it dangerous. Social distancing and proper hygiene are the only ways that can help us prevent the spread of coronavirus and contain the virus. Indian government has given certain guidelines to keep the infection at bay. It states that we should wash our hands frequently and do not touch our face unnecessarily. This is because the COVID-19 virus attaches itself to mucus membranes that are present in our eyes, nose, and mouth. So, apart from keeping your mouth and nose covered, you need to protect your eyes too. Also Read - China to Donate $30 Million to WHO For COVID-19 After Trump Withdraws US Funding

Here we tell you a few tips that can be helpful in protecting your eyes from COVID-19: Also Read - States Must be Empowered to Devise Solutions For Challenges of COVID-19: Congress at CWC Meet

Don’t forget to wear glasses while you are out

Even if your eyesight is fine, you should wear glasses while you are out. They can protect you from COVID-19 attack by acting as a shield. Also Read - Cleaning Everest: Nepal Government Employs Sherpas to Retrieve Trash-Dead Bodies From Himalaya Trekking Routes Amid COVID-19

Ditch contact lenses for now

It has been found that people wearing contact lenses touch their eyes more frequently compared to those who wear glasses. If you do not have this habit, opting for contact lens is fine. And if the case is otherwise, you know what to do.

Keep your hands clean

Even glasses cannot provide you full protection from coronavirus. There are a certain areas around your eyes that remain exposed even when you are wearing glasses. So, keep your hands clean to avoid infecting your eyes while touching the area near to them.