The worldwide spread of coronavirus has created fear amongst people. Taking enough measures to be safe and away from COVID-19 virus has become important as being infected means you can infect people around you as well. With 129 confirmed COVID-19 cases in India and 3 fatalities until now, it is of utmost importance to keep yourselves and things around you, clean and disinfected.Also Read - Coronavirus in Karnataka: Doctor Who Treated 76-year-old Deceased Patient in Kalaburagi, Tests Positive For COVID-19

One of the places where you spend a significant number of hours almost every day is your workplace. And, it could be possibly one of the dirtiest places where you spend time. Also, here chances of being affected by COVID-19 virus is very high. Thinking how? Well, your keyboard maybe containing bacteria or virus between spaces. Also, you may get the infection by touching office printer as so many people use it with bare hands. Moreover, you take a lift, go to the washroom, and meet people in the office. While doing these things you may touch a lift button or a door holder that has been earlier touched by an infected person. This can potentially make you infected and be a threat to your life. So, amidst the deadly coronavirus pandemic, here we tell you a few tips that can help you keep yourself safe. Also Read - Coronavirus: Clinical Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine Begins in US; Trump Lauds Research

Keep your workstation disinfected

Don’t rely on the cleaning staff to clean your workstation. Even if it seems to be clean, wiping the laptop or the desktop, keyboard and the working space won’t do any bad to you. Doing this will hardly take around 5 minutes and you are safe from getting infected. Also Read - COVID-19: Six Surrey Players in Self-Quarantine

Wash your hands after touching any surface

This may sound unrealistic but this is what you are advised to do at least at this time of crisis when people are just trying to save their lives. Washing hands frequently won’t cost you anything. So, while you are in the office make it a habit of yours to wash your hands each time you get up. Also, you must clean your hands for at least 40 seconds and wash between your fingers and under nails.

Keep sanitiser handy

Sanitisers should be used in case of emergencies. Though soap and water are considered as the best things to wash your hands with, in case of their unavailability, use a sanitiser. To use it, take a few drops in your hand and rub it properly.