Pregnant women are at greater risk of contracting novel coronavirus than others. This is what you probably already know. But, are you also aware what happens after an expecting mother gets the infection? According to a recent study conducted at the Northwestern University, COVID-19 can potentially cause some abnormalities in the placenta of pregnant ladies and can lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes including reduced fetal growth, stillbirth, pre-eclampsia, and premature birth. Also Read - Coronavirus: New Dress Code Likely For Judges, Lawyers Across India, Says CJI SA Bobde

Researchers have found that pregnant ladies are at greater risk of being severely affected by this respiratory syndrome and experiencing miscarriage or even death. A Chinese study has revealed that placentas of COVID-19 infected pregnant mothers have been found to have increased deposition of chorangioma, perivillous fibrin, and multiple villous infarcts. Also Read - First Pregnancy Complications May up Risk of Future Premature Birth

Notably, a higher concentration of chorangioma is associated with reduced oxygen saturation. Massive perivillous fibrin deposition is linked to severe placental dysfunction and loss of maternofetal interface. Also Read - Swimming During Pregnancy Can be a Real Treat For Expecting Mothers, Here is How

Considering the above detrimental effects of COVID-19 on placenta of a pregnant lady, women who are expecting should take precautionary measures and try to prevent the infection as much as possible.

Notably, the novel coronavirus has affected a total of 4390000 people worldwide, whereas it has claimed lives of 295732 individuals. In India, the number of affected patients has reached 78003 whereas the number of total death owing to the viral infection is  2549.