You must have heard a common saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ In case of COVID-19 infection, you need to do the same. To be safe and sound, we have been informed by the WHO to maintain good hygiene, social distancing and build strong immunity. But the novel coronavirus is almost everywhere. No matter how much you try, you will end up touching contaminated surfaces and getting the infection as you do not know who have touch that surface before you and if it is clean. COVID-19 virus remains viable on different surfaces for different duration. Also Read - COVID-19 Vaccine: Here is a List of Promising Indian Coronavirus Vaccines That May Give us Good News Very Soon

So, the best way to prevent yourself from catching the virus is by disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. For that you need not to go out as certain commonly used items already present in your house can do the needful. Let’s know about household items that can kill COVID-19 virus. Also Read - COVID-19 Update: Use of N95 Masks With Valved Respirators Should be Immediately Stopped, Warns Health Ministry


A diluted bleach solution can effectively kill the coronavirus, says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. To prepare the solution, all you need to do is to wear gloves, take one gallon of water and mix half a cup of bleach in it. After the solution is ready, you must use it within 24 hours as it will lose its effectiveness post that. Notably, you must not mix bleach with any chemical to disinfect surfaces. Also Read - Final Goodbye! Palestinian Man Climbs Wall to See Mother Through Window Before She Dies of Covid-19

Isopropyl Alcohol

It can be used to decontaminate hard surfaces. For that, firstly you need to clean the surface with detergent and water. Then, apply the solution containing at least 70 per cent alcohol. You need not to dilute it. Let the solution do it work for 30 minutes and then wipe off. Using alcohol on plastic surfaces can fade their colour.

Hydrogen Peroxide

It is one of the most effective solutions to kill the COVID-19 virus. Even 3 per cent of hydrogen peroxide can kill the rhinovirus, which is more deadly than the novel coronavirus. Take a spray bottle and put hydrogen peroxide in it. Spray the solution on the surfaces and let it stay for at least a minute. Then, wipe it off.

Soap And water

You won’t find any disinfectant as cheap as these. Simply washing your hands or any item with soap and water for 20 seconds can kill the virus and disinfect the surface.