One of the common symptoms of COVID-19 is breathlessness. A significant number of coronavirus patients have been found to experience shortness of breath and that’s what makes the disease deadly. A lack of enough oxygen in your body can lead to fatal cardiovascular conditions that can further claim your life. Therefore, it is important for patients who have contracted SARS-CoV-2 to look for ways to increase oxygen levels at home. Here we tell you about a few plants that can help in that front.Also Read - Mandatory COVID-19 Test, 14-Day Quarantine on Arrival Between Jan 8-30: Govt Issues SOPs For Passengers From UK | Key Points

The Weeping Fig

Also known as the Ficus plant, the weeping fig is an air purifying plant with various benefits. NASA has recognized this plant as an air cleanser. It can effectively clean airborne xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene. Also, the plant can keep improving the quality of air surrounding you. If you wish to stay healthy, you must keep the weeping fig at home. Also Read - 'A Voice Told Me to Kill My Kids': COVID-19 Patients Experience Psychotic Symptoms - Know All About it


Another name for Pothos is the money plant. You can easily find this plant in various houses. It has strong air-purifying properties. The money plant produces oxygen even at night unlike other plants and therefore, it is ideal to keep it in your living room. It can effectively remove airborne pollutants like carbon monoxide, xylene, benzene, etc. Also Read - 3 Crore Corona Warriors to Get COVID-19 Vaccine For Free in First Phase: Harsh Vardhan

Areca Palm

Areca palm can remove dangerous chemicals from the environment and keep the oxygen pure. NASA considers this plant as one of the best air-purifying plants that we have. Areca palm produces more oxygen compared to other indoor plants and it is a great humidifier too. Notably, it requires more maintenance than other plants.