Cuddling is a sweet gesture and a way to feel connected with your partner. It does not only increase your physical intimacy and makes you feel good but also induces release of happy hormones that lower anxiety and blood pressure. So, the next time you wish to ease your stress, you need what to do. Also Read - Karisma Kapoor Possessively Cuddling Kareena Kapoor Khan in THIS Throwback Picture is All Elder Sisters Ever!

Many people think that it is a womanly thing to cuddle. Well, they are mistaken. Men can cuddle as much as women do and it is just a way to show your love. If you have not found enough reasons to do some cuddling, read further and know some of its surprising benefits. Also Read - Disha Patani's Latest Instagram Picture Cuddling Her 'Love' Goku is What True Love is All About

Improves cardiovascular health

As mentioned above, cuddling helps in lowering your blood pressure and also reduce stress. These two factors are known to harm your heart and lead to debilitating conditions. Cuddling works in this regard by increase production of oxytocin hormone. Also Read - Pakistan: Couple Arrested For Kissing, Cuddling Inside Car in Islamabad

Relieves pain

Oxytocin hormone is also known to reduce body pain. So, when you cuddle, you feel a decreased pain level. So, if you experience a neck, shoulder or back pain, the next time, go and cuddle your partner. You will see the difference yourself.

Boosts immune function

When you cuddle a person, your body cells get stimulated and they start releasing hormones that are responsible for fighting against pathogens. This is how this affectionate gesture improve your immunity.

Improves sleep

Cuddling improves release of oxytocin hormone that induces sleep. It works by flushing out stress from your system and making you feel relaxed.