According to researchers, humans require 21 days to acquire a new habit. And, we have been provided these many days by the Indian government. While you are locked inside your home for 21 days, it is the best time to reflect on your lifestyle and start eating mindfully. Also Read - Despite Wife's Recovery From COVID-19, Justin Trudeau Says Will Continue to Stay in Self-Isolation

Your health should always be your priority and to keep it good, you need to think before you consume anything. It urges you to be consciously aware about what you eat and what you shouldn’t. Mindful eating helps you gain control over your eating habits. It is a Buddhist concept that focuses on controlling your physical sensations and emotions. From helping in weight loss to reducing anxiety, and improving eating disorders, mindful eating can do it all for you. Also Read - Kerala's Tragedy: COVID-19 Claims 1 Life But Alcohol Ban Kills 9 in The State Amid Lockdown

Mindful eating behaviours involve eating slowly without any distraction. It focuses on knowing the physical cues and consuming food only when you are hungry. It helps you pointing out the difference between hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating. Mindful eating makes you ready to cope up with the guilt and anxiety about eating food. This can help you maintain overall health and well-being. Also Read - COVID-19 Fatalities to Peak in Two Weeks in US, Claims President Trump; Extends 'Social Distancing' Guidelines Till April 30

According to a research published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, mindful eating allows you to replace thoughts and reactions with conscious and healthier responses. It is essential as these days people have abundance of food choices and they are tempting enough. Also, there are a lot of distractions around us that do not let us eat mindfully. For example, a habit of eating while watching television may make you consume more than required. Also, eating quickly in order to complete an official task can be problematic as you brain requires at least 20 minutes to realise that you are full. Taking less than that may make you eat more than you should. So, you must practice the powerful tool, mindful eating in order to control your eating behaviour and remain healthy.