There are so many ways that an exercise can boost your mood and with the changing lifestyles, a daily exercise like cycling will improve your cardiovascular health, lift your mood, and boost your fitness, you can easily pedal an hour a day and not lose extra pounds, with the right adjustments to your riding (and fuelling) routine, you can pedal off unwanted weight. New things help in achieving new heights and cycling combines physical exercise with being outdoors and exploring new views. No matter how you ride, solo or with a group of people, both are important. Solo will give you time to process worries and concerns and being with a group will broaden your social circle.

Riding on the theme “Florals”, Cyclegiri, an initiative by Dr Sunaina Bansal, Senior consultant gynaecologist at Tricity’s leading maternity, childcare and fertility care group of Hospitals, Cloudnine Hospital, promotes cycling as a means of commuting to work, rather than just a hobby meant for holidays. On August 25th, 2019, Cyclegiri started from YPS Chowk in Mohali at 6 pm upto Cloudnine Hospital, Industrial Area. More than 80 female participants including most of the Tricity doctors, biked first time after so many years, on their bicycles with the theme ‘floral’ participated in this monthly initiative organised by Cyclegiri. As a part of the initiative, fitness dance session along with fun-filled games was also organised.

Dr. Sunaina Bansal, a cycling enthusiast and founder of Cyclegiri, actively rides her cycle to work while also encouraging her colleagues and others to do the same. Cyclegiri has an active team that takes part in the organisation of events that celebrate cycling along with other social or environmental issues and promoting the benefits of cycling for good health.

By making more women riding bicycles together, we want to give a strong message to the onlookers to adopt cycling. TO PROMOTE A CYCLING CULTURE IN THE CITY. Besides, cycling is something which women should be doing more often. As equal participants to road traffic, and also we have so many daily chores, within a short commuting distance, which we can easily do on bicycles.

Through this ride, we wish to give an opportunity to many females, doctors, professionals, who would be riding bicycles with us, for the first time, after so many years. Cycling not only gives physical health but also we want all TO experience the JOY THAT COMES WITH CYCLING. Its mental relaxation, destressing and happiness. It’s BEING A CHILD AGAIN and somewhere I believe, as being a gynaecologist, I interact with so many females, women need to be riding more often.