Having dark inner thighs is common. And, you will hardly find someone who is not facing this beauty problem. From excessive production of melanin to skin friction, obesity, and hormonal imbalance, there can be an array of reasons behind dark inner thighs. In medical terms, this condition is referred as hyperpigmentation. This is not an illness but just a common skin issue that can cause embarrassment. Generally people only focus on making their faces glow and often ignore this inner skin area. If you wish to get rid of the dark inner thighs, here are some home remedies that you can try and let us know the experience. Also Read - Karishma Tanna is Raising Fashion Bar in Crop Top And Thigh-high Slit Denim Pants as She Flaunts Her Perfect Curves


Being an effective bleaching agent and having exfoliating properties, lemon can lighten the skin tone of your inner thighs, if applied topically in the area. Use only fresh lemon juice and leave it on the affected area for around 20 minutes. Later, remove it with the help of a wet cloth. In case you have a dry skin, don’t forget to dilute lemon juice with water. Applying it thrice a week can give you effective results. Also Read - Sunny Leone's Body-Hugging Silver Dress With Thigh-High Slits Sets Mercury Soaring This Saturday

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can alleviate hyper pigmentation and make your inner thighs look lighter. It has rejuvenating properties too. To use it, all you need to do is to take aloe vera gel and apply it on your thighs. Massage the area and stop when the gel gets fully absorbed by the skin. Later, wash your inner thigh skin with warm water. Also Read - Anushka Sharma Amps Her Glamarous Look in Thigh-high Slit Bronze Dress And we Are Left Smitten by Her Hot Look


Yogurt contains lactic acid that is known to have mild bleaching properties. It also contains zinc that has sunburn healing properties. That is why applying yogurt on your inner thighs can help you get rid of dark skin patches. You need to leave yogurt on skin for around 15 minutes. Then, wash it with lukewarm water. Follow this as a routine and soon you will see positive results.