Even in today’s time when youth are using apps like ‘Tinder’, there are some people who suffer from anxiety by the thought of going on a date. Yes, you read it right. Dating anxiety is a reality. Meeting new people seems exciting for some and intimidating for others. If you think a feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach is called anxiety, you are mistaken. It is different from that. If dating feels like a nightmare to you or the realisation of a planned date makes you panic instead of being excited, you are suffering from dating anxiety. There are various reasons for it. Also Read - Anushka Shetty Breaks Silence on Dating Baahubali co-star Prabhas, Says 'He's my 3 am Friend'

Most of the people go through this problem due to lower self-esteem. Also, the pressure to impress your date can also make you anxious. But you need to realise that it is not only about the other person but about you as well. So, instead of spending hours thinking about how to mark an impression on your date, you should think about knowing him/her. If this doesn’t solve your problem, here are certain tips that can help you bid adieu to dating anxiety forever. Also Read - Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Himanshi Khurana Makes Her Relationship Official With Asim Riaz, Says, 'We Are Dating'

Do not meet your date at an unknown place

The thought of meeting an unknown person does cause a sense of fear in some. And, this gets heightened when they plan the date at an unknown place. Therefore, it is advised to choose a venue that you are well acquainted with. Also, always meet a date in a public place like a cafe. You can also bring a friend of yours in case you are too frightened to meet someone alone. Also Read - Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal Attend Special Screening of Bhoot Part One-The Haunted Ship Amid Dating Rumours

Stop fearing about being judged

Judging someone and being judged is normal especially while you are meeting someone for the first time. And, you have no control over it. So, why to bother? Also, you need to show your true self. Do not try to show your fake personality to the other person because what if it works out? Will you be able to fake your personality for the entire life? No, right? So, stop worrying about anything and enjoy your date without keeping any expectations.