Are you living in Delhi? Its air quality is worse than any major cities in the world, says WHO. According to India’s Ministry of Earth Sciences, 41 per cent of Delhi’s pollution is because of the vehicular emission and 21.5 per cent is because of the dust, while the 18 per cent is due to industries.

Most of you must be aware that air pollution is associated with various health conditions including lung damage, chest pain, asthma, bronchitis. But do you also know that exposure to air pollution can cause diabetes? Yes, you read it right. WHO has found a strong associated between the two. Though the exact reason behind the onset of diabetes due to the dust particles is unknown, however, doctors believe that air pollutants can enter your bloodstream and disrupt various body functions by interacting with tissues and organs. according to the expert, these pollutants can alter your body’s insulin sensitivity and production.

These days, escaping the air pollution has become tough and therefore all you can do is to get ready to deal with the conditions coming with it. So, here we tell you about certain herbs that can help you manage diabetes. Read on to know about them.

Aloe vera

According to research conducted at the Cairo University, regular use of aloe vera can protect and repair the beta cells known to secrete insulin. It can do so due to its antioxidant effects. You can have aloe vera by adding its pulp in a drink or smoothie. Also, you can take aloe vera supplements easily available in the market.


This popular kitchen spice has been found to regularise your glucose level and increase your body’s sensitivity to the insulin hormone. Also, it can improve your blood pressure and the level of lipids present in the body. You can have cinnamon by adding it in various dishes or in teas.


It is an Indian herb that literally means ‘sugar destroyer’. According to a study published in the Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, regular intake of Gymnema has been found to improve the signs of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It can actually lower your blood sugar level and increase the level of insulin hormone in the body.