Depression is a mental disorder that is quite prevalent worldwide. According to the World Health Organisation, currently, more than 264 million people are suffering from depression globally. This is a grave situation as it is a major contributor to various health ailments leading to death. Also, depression has remained one of the most ignored subjects in society. But, these days, with more celebrities and people from almost all walks of life coming forward and speaking about this mental health, the taboo surrounding it is dissipating. From actors like Deepika Padukone to Hritik Roshan, Manisha Koirala, and Varun Dhavan, many have finally come out of their shells and have spoken about depression and its side effects. Also Read - Dear Zindagi-Jeevan Samvad: Book That Largely Deals With Depression And Suicide

Still, there are many people around us who do not understand the gravity of depression and believe in myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Here, we debunk a few of them for you. Also Read - Kushal Punjabi's Death: Arjun Bijlani Makes Important Statements About Why TV Actors Don't Open up on Depression Easily

Myth 1: Depression is not an illness.

Fact: Depression is believed to be a weakness of character, however, it is actually a mental illness. Characterized by sleep issues, anxiety, stress, difficulty in making decisions, change in appetite, committing suicide attempt etc., depression can claim your life if not treated on time. This complex mental disorder has biological, social, and psychological origins. Also Read - Mumbai Rains: IMD Forecasts Light Rains, Thunderstorms Due to Depression in Arabian Sea

Myth 2: Antidepressants can cure depression completely.

Fact: Though antidepressants have a major role to play in the treatment of depression, they cannot make you free of the ailment. Drugs can only address the biological cause of depression by altering the changes in brain chemistry. To address other causes, you are required to take the help of talk therapy or psychotherapy.

Myth 3: Depression is restricted to women.

Fact: This is one of the vaguest misconceptions that you can have. Though women are more likely to suffer from depression, mental disorder is not restricted to them only. Men suffer from it too. Fluctuation in hormone levels, trying to quit smoking, or any chronic condition can make both men and women get depressed. Also, some unfortunate incidents in the family or child abuse may also lead to the situation.