During festivities, we tend to overindulge in big feasts and have food items containing refined sugar, and other unhealthy items that can only do bad to you. That doesn’t mean we are asking you to control your taste buds during the festivals. There is a way to undo the damage done to your body. You just need to follow a post-festival essential detox guide. Notably, body organs including your liver and kidneys are capable of detoxing on their own. So, you don’t need to overdo the detoxing, instead contribute to your body’s detoxing process in the most natural ways. Here is how you can do that. Also Read - Diwali in Goa: Can You Burst Firecrackers if You're Holidaying in Goa? Here Are New Rules

Eat Fiber Containing Foods

If you think fasting after binge eating would help you get rid of your body waste, you are mistaken. It can only backfire. Instead, you should include healthy foods like those containing fiber in your daily diet as micronutrients present in them can support your liver and kidneys to clean your body. Also, fiber can improve your gut barrier function by promoting the growth of good bacteria. Also Read - Buying Gold This Diwali? Here's How You Can Get it at Lowest Rate

Have Fermented Foods

Fermented foods including curd, kefir, pickle, etc. help in digestion and support detoxification. Also, having fermented foods can improve the health of your gut by boosting the growth of gut bacteria.

Consume Enough Water

Drinking enough fluid can help you get rid of the waste and toxins in your body through sweat and urine. Also, it can boost your metabolism and make you feel energetic. Therefore, it is advised to have normal water, coconut water, and fruits packed with water content to flush out the unwanted content from your body. You can also drink cumin and carrom seed water for better results.

Stay Away From Negative Self Talk

Negative self-talk brings stress, which is not a good thing for your health. It can only contribute to the toxin buildup in your system. So, instead of doing that, try to come back to your daily routine. Also, please note that eating your guilty dishes at times is fine.

Indulge in Light Exercises

During the festive season, you end up consuming a lot of calories that can be detrimental to your health. To burn that, you need to hit a gym and indulge in a workout at least 3 times a day. Do this only if you have a habit of doing such intense exercises. Otherwise, stick to light exercises like yoga or walking.