Diabetes is a chronic disease that brings various health ailments along with it. The high sugar level in blood can potentially damage your blood vessels, increase blood pressure and cause cardiovascular problems. Also, it can release destructive molecules that can potentially interfere with your immune system and prevent it from functioning optimally. This is what a study conducted at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has revealed.

An increase in blood sugar levels actually causes damage to various organs. This drives immune response in your body that leads to inflammation. When you are not able to manage diabetes, sugar keeps on damaging various cells. Excessive cell and tissue damage can lead to hyperactivity of the immune system. In this case, your white blood cells go on an overdrive and instead of just wiping out the cellular debris, start killing healthy cells. This is what causes inflammation. So, it is extremely significant to keep your sugar under control and boost your immunity, especially if you are a diabetic. To revive up your immune system, you need to have the right food. Here we tell you about them.


To boost your immunity, you can have a bowl of oats as the first thing in the morning. Vitamin B12 present in oats can help you keep your immune function optimum whereas fiber can assist in increasing metabolism, which is necessary for weight loss.

Walnuts and figs

These food are associated with energy-boosting and increasing satiety. Also, it helps in improving your immunity. Essential nutrients like potassium, unsaturated fat, zinc, iron, etc. present in walnuts and figs can keep you overall fit. Those who do not like having them raw can mix them in oats or milk and consume them.


Jam-packed with probiotics, curd help in better digestion. Notably, probiotics are bacteria that fight against infections and maintain gut health. They are known to help in improving immunity too. Having a small bowl of curd every day can help you keep infections at bay.