Those with Type 2 diabetes have to extra precautions throughout the year to ensure that their blood sugar levels don’t spiral out of control. When it comes to summer, the challenge is even more because of the additional heat and heat-related problems like skin infections, dehydration and travel plans which could lead one to skip medicines and ignore dietary restrictions for diabetics. Here is what all diabetics need to keep in mind in summer:Also Read - Watch Out For These 3 Early Signs And Symptoms of Diabetes

Keep dehydration away: It is important that you don’t suffer from dehydration and heat stroke by ensuring that you are adequately hydrated at all times. Dehydration and fluctuating blood sugar levels could have an unfavourable effect with each other and could cause health problems. Also Read - Planning A Road Trip This Summer Vacation? Take A Look At 8 Travel Safety Tips Here

Keep your insulin safe: Insulin syringes need to be kept in specially-designed containers/pouches that can keep them at a regulated temperature. Exposure to heat and the strong rays of the sun can damage the insulin. Also Read - Viral Video: Man Makes Dosa On Vespa Scooter As Temperatures Cross 40 Degrees in Hyderabad | Watch

Beware of eye infections: Eye infections like conjunctivitis are common in summers. Diabetics who have eye complications like glaucoma need to especially be careful about contracting other infections. Make sure to wash your hands after coming home and avoid touching your eyes unnecessarily. Avoid contact with those have eye infections.

Carry your own snacks when possible: While travelling, we tend to eat out a lot and sometimes, where we eat or what we eat may not be to our or our health’s liking. Deep fried, high-carbohydrate food, sugary foods, packaged foods, sodas and other drinks can seem tempting. But it is not advisable to eat them as they can shoot up your blood sugar levels. Besides, there is also the fear of stomach ailments like diarrhoea, gastroenteritis etc. Carry some diabetic-friendly foods with you at all times and plan your meals carefully when you are travelling in summer.

Keep your skin safe from infections: Any minor cuts, especially on your feet can turn into major infections and ulcers. It is therefore advisable to keep your feet covered and protected at all times.  Apply sunscreen and keep your body covered with loose-fitting cotton clothes to let your body breathe.