If you are a diabetic, you must be aware of the complications of high blood sugar level and their impact on your life. When the insulin-secreting organ, pancreas, becomes inefficient or when your body becomes resistant to this hormone, you suffer from diabetes, which is a chronic condition and needs life-long management. Also Read - Antibiotics May up Heart Disease Risk in People With Diabetes

In this case, a sudden spike in blood sugar level can be life-threatening if not regulated on time. From causing shortness of breath to nausea and vomiting, a rise in blood glucose level can affect you in most debilitating ways. This condition is also called hyperglycemia and may need you to visit a doctor instantly, In case, there is an emergency and there is no way you can reach a doctor’s clinic, how will you low down your blood glucose level? No idea? Well, we have. Here we tell you certain ways to quickly lower your blood sugar level. Also Read - Diabetes Type 2 Risk Shown in Kids at Early Age of 8, Years Before Being Diagonised: Study

Take a Dose of Insulin

Patients of type-2 diabetes are usually advised to keep insulin injections with them always. In case your blood sugar level keeps fluctuating frequently, you need to check it at least thrice a day. In case of a spike up, you must inject insulin into your body as prescribed. Also Read - You Can Predict Your Susceptibility to Diabetes at The Age of 8, Here is How

Start Doing Some Light Exercises

When you indulge yourself in exercise, your body signals your brain that it needs glucose for energy and as a result, cells supply glucose to your muscles and your blood sugar levels usually drop. Physical exercises that can make your heart beat faster than usual can help in lowering your blood sugar level.

Drink Water

Drinking enough water helps in removing excess glucose from the body through urine.