Those living with a migraine know that it is difficult to deal with this painful condition. Migraines refer to throbbing headaches that are often accompanied by vomiting or nausea and blurring of vision. There could be many causes of migraine including genetics, bad eating habits and environmental factors. There are certain things, foods and actions that could aggravate migraines. It is best to know what they are to avoid them and hence reduce the risk of these recurring headaches.Also Read - Pregnant Women With Migraine at Higher Risk of Preeclampsia: Study

Foods that could trigger migraine: Migraine is aggravated particularly when you consume more of an amino acid called tyramine which is in certain foods like cheese, packaged foods which contain additives like MSG, sodium and preservatives and artificial colours cured meats like sausages, salamis and bacon, some beans and even fermented foods. Also Read - Unknown Symptoms of Iron Deficiency That Could be Doing More Harm Than You Realise

Irregular meal timings: If you are in the habit of skipping meals you could get migraines or worsen the symptoms. Skipping meals or having a huge gap between meals can lead to low blood sugar and these fluctuations can cause migraine headaches. It is best to eat at regular times and never ever skip meals. It is also a good idea to keep healthy snacks at hand to beat hunger pangs when your next meal is still some hours away. Also Read - Stop Eating These 7 Foods if You Get Migraine Attacks

Sleep disruption: Irregular sleep patterns can be a major trigger of migraines. Sleeping late, getting up later than usual, having frequent jet lags, changing your bedtime frequently can be all major factors that could lead to migraine headaches. One of the best ways to avoid this is to follow and stick to a regular schedule of sleeping.

Tobacco and alcohol: Both of these spell doom for your migraine headaches. Be prepared to suffer from excruciatingly painful headaches when you smoke or drink alcohol. It is best to completely do away with these habits to eliminate the risk of recurrent migraine headaches.

Exposing yourself to extreme temperatures: Whether it is the hot sun or the AC, extreme hot and cold temperatures can trigger migraine headaches. It is advisable to completely avoid stepping out in the summer sun or if you want to, you must wear a hat, sunglasses and scarf to protect yourself from the sun. Do not sit under the fan or in front of the AC no matter how tempting it is. When travelling to places with these kind of temperatures, gear yourself up with the right kind of clothing.