The world is still grappled with one of the deadly pandemics in history and another such medical disaster is already rearing its head. It seems, our end is nearer than we thought. We don’t intend to sound negative and hopeless but the reality is this. Every year, WHO releases a list of priority diseases that can be a potential pandemic and can affect human lives majorly. This year, its list of such diseases has an unknown condition called ‘Disease X’. Everybody is wondering what is it and what’s its cause.Also Read - Night Curfew, No Public Gathering: Pandemic Casts Dark Shadow Over New Year's Eve Celebrations Across India

Not only the WHO but a doctor named Jean-Jacques Muyembe-Tamfum, who had discovered the Ebola virus in 1976 has confirmed that the world may be hit by Disease X, an unknown but more deadly disease than Ebola and more contagious than COVID-19. Disease X is hypothetical and emerging from the tropical rainforest of Africa. This is what the latest report suggests. Moreover, scientists believe that more and more fatal diseases are going to shake our world in the future and Disease X is one of them. It can develop into a pandemic from an epidemic. Also Read - COVID-19 Pandemic is Just a Wakeup Call and Will Not be the Last, Warns WHO

As per the latest research conducted at the University of Edinburgh, and mentioned in a Daily Mail report, “new species of viruses are being discovered at a rate of three to four a year.” And, most of them are originating from animals. When butchered, these animals can spread the virus to humans.

Is There Someone Who Has Developed Disease X?

Yes, a Daily Mail report has revealed that a patient has recently contracted an unknown virus and developed certain signs of hemorrhagic fever. When tested for Ebola, the report came negative and the scientists are fearful that he may be the first patient of Disease X, which is an unrecognized disease likely to follow the COVID-19 pandemic and cause great damage.