Diwali is all about sprucing up — that old corner of the house, that shelf standing in the mess of cobweb etc., etc. But amid all this touch-up, what we may overlook is to spruce up our looks and Diwali being a festival of light, sound, music and sweets; there’s actually no harm in going a little overboard. Ditch the nude look and go bold this Diwali.

Here are five makeup tips for your perfect Diwali looks:

Concentrate on a theme

If you google ‘Diwali make up’, we are sure you will get more problems than solutions. Thousands of DIY tutorials will take up your mind space and confuse you. Clear the clutter and consider what you are going to wear — whether it’s a shimmery saree or a dazzling dress. Now based on its colour, proceed further.

Smoky Eyes/ Sparkly Eyeshadows

Green Diwali doesn’t mean you will have to abandon all the sparkles from your makeup. It’s actually the best occasion to flaunt smoky eyes. (As long as there is no fire). Alternatively, you can go for sparkly eyeshadows to complement your Diwali wear. There is another option for your beautiful eyes. Don’t shy away for trying bright colours as eyeshadows. If you are going for a nude lip colour, apply those red and orange on your eyelids.

Red Lipstick

In sync with your eye make up, go for your lipstick. Diwali is for red lips. But you are one among them who can flaunt dark red lips on every other day and red lips on a special occasion like Diwali will not make you look any different from other days, then there’s no harm in indulging in a little more experiments. Choose wine colour or mauve.

Illuminating Highlighters

This is not you every day. So make the best of what you can and shimmer all the way. Choose an illuminating highlighter and you can flaunt a Deepika Padukone look of protruded cheekbones.


This is another most important aspect of stylising. Your Diwali look won’t be complete without the perfect earring, the footwear or the purse.