Summers are the perfect time to chill by the pool with a cocktail. If you’re a whiskey lover, who loves to drink on-the-rocks, then this whiskey and white wine cocktail called Red Label Gold Coin is just what you need for your summer evening alcohol fix. The Sovignon Blanc wine gives a little acidity to the cocktail, while the peach syrup is for adding a bit of a sweetness to the drink.  The Johnny Walker Red Label has bold undertones, with a lasting and intense aromatic and smoky flavor, that whiskey lovers will appreciate.Also Read - The Best Selling Indian Dish From Priyanka Chopra's Sona Restaurant in New York - Any Guesses?

The following DIY cocktail recipe has been shared with us by Afzal Kaba of United Spirits. Also Read - 7 Weight Loss Myths You Need to Start Ignoring Now!

Red Label Gold Coin Cocktail Recipe

Red Label Whiskey- 60 ml
Sovignon Blanc White Wine- 30 ml
Peach Syrup- 15 ml
Dried Apricot- For garnish
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1. Take a whiskey glass and add some ice cubes to it.
2. Measure out 60 ml of Red Label Whiskey and pour it over the ice.
3. Add 30 ml of White Wine to the whiskey. This gives a little bit of acidity to the drink.
4. Add 15 ml of peach syrup to the drink. ALSO SEE: How to make whiskey and wine cocktail Saffron Leisure (Watch Video)
5. Stir the drink with a cocktail stirrer. Stirring chills the drink properly, mixes the ingredients and adds a little air to the drink.
6. Add some more ice cubes to the drink and stir again.
7. Garnish the drink with a couple of pieces of dried apricot and serve immediately.

Watch the full video of how to make Red Label Gold Coin cocktail here:

Recipe Courtesy: Afzal Kaba, United Spirits

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