Work from home has become a necessity in today’s time due to the pandemic and it seems like this trend of working from the comfort of ours homes might become a preferred or an alternate way of working even in the post-pandemic world. Did you know that personalising your workspace can increase your overall productivity and it can also make work fun too.Also Read - Workplace Anxiety And Stress: When Does It Get Too Much?

Below are a few DIY tips by Vistaprint India, the leading online destination for customized products, by CEO Bharath Sastry: Also Read - Air Pollution: Kejriwal Govt Extends Ban on Entry of Trucks, Work From Home For Employees Till Nov 26

1. 2021 Calendars – This is the perfect time to get your personalised calendars. We are nearly at the end of 2020 and one thing everyone wants is a year calendar on their desk. You can get your 2021 calendar designed as per your preferences, be it, family pictures, quotes, landscapes, in the form of a wall poster, mouse pad, desk calendar, magnetic calendar, whatever works for you. It also accounts for a great year-end gift. Also Read - Liking Work From Home? Find Out Here What Others Feel About It

2. Personalised frames – Having a picture of your family around your workspace always makes you feel great. Also, a lot of people are working remotely and are away from family, hence, to have a family picture around is always inspiring. A photo album, printed canvas poster, or a framed picture, makes the space look good too. If not a family picture, you can always go for posters with inspirational quotes.

3. Personalised Stationery – Stationery like pens, notebooks, diaries, bookmarks, stamps are a necessity in any workspace. You need stationery handy at your disposal. And what better than having a choice as to how you want your notebook cover to look like, or your pen to your name or your company logo on a stamp. You can have your own personalised stationery to make your workspace more fun and comfortable.

4. Stickers/ Name Tags / Hang Tags – These are things you might not require at home, but it is fun to have them as labels to distinguish your things. You can have a sticker for your bag/briefcase. You can add a personalised name tag, address tag, customised stickers, etc. as a value add if you are sending across a parcel, gift or document.