Do you want to lose weight? If yes, do intermittent fasting. This is what most of the people including gym trainers would ask you to do. But we disagree. Before explaining the ‘why’, let’s know about intermittent fasting a bit.Also Read - 10 Negative Calorie Foods That Can Help in Quick Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you refrain from eating during a long part of the day which can span from 10 hours to 16 hours and have food during another part of the day. There is no guideline suggesting what to eat when you are on intermittent fasting. It only states when to eat. The main idea behind fasting is to make your body calorie deficit so that you can lose weight effectively. Also Read - 3 Must-Add Food Items That Complement Your Fitness Goals!

This means, if you think that stuffing your stomach with an array of calorie-rich foods after around 16 long hours of fasting won’t do any harm to your weight loss journey, you are mistaken. This way, there is no chance you are going to shed those extra kilos. Also Read - Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: Black Coffee on Empty Stomach, And Zero Sugar - How This Avid Traveller Lost 69Kgs

Prachi Purii, a Nutrition Coach, who is popular for creating content related to diet, exercise, and busting common myths associated with them, recently talked about intermittent fasting on her YouTube channel.

Watch it below, for yourself:

According to Prachi Purii, you need not opt for intermittent fasting if you just not feel well, experience dizziness, difficulty in concentrating, and have unbearable hunger, when you are not eating for such long hours. Remember, everything does not work for everyone. So, you should find a fasting or diet pattern that works for you and fits in with your lifestyle. All you need to ensure that your body is in a calorie deficit as it is the ultimate Mantra of losing weight.

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