Have you reached menopause and have lost all hopes about getting into your wild fantasies, thinking that you are medically not fit anymore? If your nodding states a yes, you are mistaken. Though it is true that menopause brings various sad news as far as sex is concerned, few lifestyle changes can still make you hit a bed with the same intensity. Read further to know about them.

Pick the right food

It is a well-known fact that loss estrogen hormone is what leads to changes in your body post menopause and makes you disinterested in sex. This means that anything that can increase its level in your body can be effective in making you say yes to getting intimate with your partner. There are certain food known to be rich in estrogen. Some of them include flaxseeds, dry fruits, red wine, soy, etc. having them on a daily basis can increase your excitement about having sex. They can also help you manage other side-effects of menopause like hot flashes and night sweats.

Boost up your self-confidence

This is one of the most important things to do in order to increase your libido. Your feelings about yourself can affect your sexual desire significantly. Low self-confidence or self-esteem can lead to certain hormonal changes in your body that can discourage you from getting involved in sexual activity. Shift your entire focus from your physical inability to produce estrogen and being pregnant to your attributes nad see the difference. Think about how pleasurable sex can be in old age rather than an array of problems you face during the act.

Be open to communication with your partner

Lack of proper communication is one of the major reasons behind most of the problems including unsatisfactory sexual life, in a relationship. It is all right to seek help and talk to your better half. Tell him about the barriers you are facing or the physical nad phsycological tumoils you are going through. This will help him to boost you up and make the right effort to make sex enjoyable for both of you.