Probiotics are live micro-organisms considered to be beneficial for your health. It is said that eating probiotics improves immunity, reduces gastrointestinal problems and relieves constipation. However, these claims are not supported by any scientific studies. Today, probiotics are available in different forms in the market. They are sold as a magical pill for wellness. You can buy probiotic drinks to supplements to food items but is it safe to consume probiotics? Here are five things you should know about probiotics before you start including it in your diet. (ALSO READ 5 reasons to eat 4 soaked almonds in the morning every day!).Also Read - What Is Surrogacy? Types Of Surrogacy And How Does It Work? Here's All You Need To Know

1. The probiotic strain used in many food items may not be the best

Probiotics are added to every other drink nowadays but the strains used in many food items may not be the best. It may be selected because it is cheap and safe. However, they may not be the ones that improve your immunity. A lot more research is required to identify the best strain that will be beneficial for your health. Also Read - Dinner Timing And Genetics Can Affect Individual’s Blood Sugar Control: Study

2. You may need to eat prebiotics to feed the probiotics

The probiotics need food to grow and multiply in your gut. So, you may need to eat prebiotics, which is nondigestible carbs. This will ensure that the resident and the new good bacteria are growing and multiplying. Onion, bananas, oatmeal and asparagus contain prebiotics. Also Read - Study Finds Way to Get Super Immunity Against Covid-19

3. There can be side effects



You are consuming live bacteria and it will affect your body. Some of you may experience mild side effects after taking probiotics. These side effects include bloating and flatulence. These symptoms may disappear in few days of the use of probiotics.

4. You need to pay attention to the label

When you buy a probiotic item, make sure you read and understand the label. First of all, check the expiry date as you should consume it before the expiration date. The product has limited shelf life and if it is expired, the bacteria will lose its potency. Also, find out the proper dosage, how to store it once you open the product and how frequently you must eat. Look for ‘live active culture’ in the label when you buy probiotic

5. You will pass them out

When you consume probiotic, it will not take up a permanent place in your intestine. They are just visiting. You have bacteria in your intestinal ecosystem and by eating probiotic, you are just increasing the number of good bacteria for a temporary period. Eventually, you will pass them out through stool. So, if you want to benefit from probiotics, you will have to consume them regularly.

Read the label and try to select products that contain at least 1 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) per serving. Make sure you are getting the right strain of Lactobacillus.