Diabetes is a chronic condition that can potentially put you at an increased risk of being affected by a coronavirus. It has been found that most of the people who died from the novel COVID-19 had some form of chronic health conditions. The elderly and people with underlying conditions are at an increased risk of succumbing to novel coronavirus. Also Read - Coronavirus Quarantine: Tom Hanks Has Good News And Bad News to Share With Fans

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that compromises your blood sugar level and immunity too. Also, it prolongs the recovery and healing process. The chronic disease can easily make you fall prey to various other infections including coronavirus. Also Read - First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus in Indian Army As Jawan in Ladakh Tests Positive for COVID-19

As per the researchers, though everybody is susceptible to COVID-19, the viral infection puts people with medical complications including hypertension and diabetes, at high risk of getting the infection. People with no underlying condition and a good immunity level can fight against coronavirus more effectively than those who already are suffering from some diseases. Also Read - COVID-19 Pandemic: Federation of Western India Cine Employees Announces Relief Plan for Needy Members

How Diabetes Increases Risk of Dying From Coronavirus?

Your health is directly proportional to your immunity. When you are suffering from diabetes, not only your blood sugar level goes crazily up but insulin production gets compromised too. This gives rise to a complication called a weakened immune system which puts you at an increased risk of suffering from various conditions.

Also, diabetics have been found to have a slow blood flow compared to healthy humans. This doesn’t entirely fulfill the nutrient need of the body. Notably, immune cells travel throughout the body through the circulatory system and poor blood flow means low availability of immune cells in the body to fight against harmful pathogens and substance.

Diabetics are already at high risk of getting complications including kidney failure, nerve damage, eye damage, skin condition, and cardiovascular ailments. So, getting another deadly infection like COVID-19 can raise their risk of dying.

Not only diabetics but people with an increased level of blood sugar also take longer to get recovered. For them, longer hospitalization can become a common thing due to the slow healing process of their bodies.

How Diabetics Should Keep Coronavirus at Bay?

As a diabetic, you must limit going to crowded places. Social distancing is a must. Also, check your blood sugar level daily as any symptom of COVID-19 can suddenly raise your blood sugar level. Do not ignore even a minor sign of the infection. Your compromised immune system makes it easier for the virus to thrive inside your body. You should eat healthy food, drink plenty of fluid and avoid dehydration.