Is there a perfect way of making your favourite tea? Tea Leaves have many varieties and have around 3000 years of history and there are 24 million different ways to make a cup of tea. Brewing that perfect soothing cup of tea can be a tricky task. Tea is an intricate part of our daily lives, everyone has their own way of brewing their tea. Here, we share tips on how to brew that perfect cuppa.Also Read - 5 Foods to NOT Eat With Tea Ever - Chai Lovers, Beware!

  • Always use loose-leaf tea: The best way and guaranteed way to improve your tea and give you the fullest taste. These are more environmentally friendly. Dr. Stuart Farrimond, tea expert told CNN Travel, “Loose leaf tea will probably give you the fullest taste as the best quality leaves are traditionally kept back for this.” According to a report in Washington post consuming low-quality teas in bags have higher levels of bitter tannins, the assertiveness of which can be masked when milk proteins bind to them.
  • Use Proper Vessel: It is important to know which vessel which you the perfect taste and won’t make your tea bland. According to Dr Farrimond, A china mug or porcelain cup is ideal for serving your brew; one major no-no is a Styrofoam cup. “The synthetic material of these mops up flavor molecules, rendering the tea bland. Scum caused by hard water is also guilty of toying with the nuances of tea.” Did you know even the colour of your vessel can affect taste?
  • When to pour boiling water: You should wait for 30 seconds before pouring the boiling water over the tea. What is recommended way? According to Hindustan Times, add the tea leaves or tea bags after the water has been boiled and cooled a little. However, keep in mind that each tea is different and therefore requires a different temperature of water while being brewed or steeped. For example, the ideal way to enjoy green tea is by steeping it into not-so-hot water. Green tea will taste bitter if the water is really hot.
  • Let your tea breathe: Take the lid off your teapot or cup while steeping the tea. Allow the oxygen as it is essential for tea, it enhances flavour.
  • Do not use tap, reheated water: Avoid using tap water for your tea, it might add that weird chemical taste to your tea. Reheated water is not good too, as it loses oxygen.
  • Quantity: If you like strong tea, then be sure of the quantity of tea you are putting in as it affects the taste too.

So, how do you prepare your tea? Tell us in the comments below! Also Read - Health Benefits of Different Types of Teas

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