If you are just doing cardio or just strength training exercises, it won’t help. You need to do a combination of exercises for complete benefits. Here are some exercises you need to do regularly as suggested by Dr Manish Sontakke, Consultant, Bone & Joint Surgery, Hiranandani Hospital.

Compound Exercises work on multiple muscle groups at the same time. Commonest examples are half squats, shoulder press or deadlifts. A set of dumbbells or kettlebells would be very helpful. Compound exercises help in:

– Efficient use of your time

– Burning more calories

– Elevating heart rate

– Improving strength and gain muscle mass

You can perform certain compound exercises at home, such as half squats, Suryanamskar,  rotations of legs/ hands, and shoulder press to name a few. The above-mentioned exercises can be performed by any age group.

90 per cent of the patients in our OPD come for low backache and knee pain. To take care of your knees and spine, you need to do the following under the guidance of a certified trainer;

  • Leg extensions with weights – This is the best exercise to build your knee muscles.
  • Back extension exercises like the Superman pose, Bhujangasan, Naukasan should be done on a daily basis. This is especially since all the work we do is while bending forwards never backwards.

Another note of caution is that when you get up from squatting position, the pressure on your joints (knee and spine) is almost twice your body weight, so we must avoid sitting on the ground, squatting or sitting cross-legged, especially if you haven’t done so for a very long time.

You must remember that physical exercise alone is not enough, mental wellbeing is important too. Regular physical exercise will to some extent help maintain mental health. Meditation, breathing exercises, pursuing music or dancing – pretty much anything that makes you happy, will help build mental strength.