Are you working hard in the office and still not being noticed? Does your boss never appreciate you work or your achievements? If yes, you have reached the right place. Here, we tell you how to make your team lead or manager notice your good work. Also Read - Are You Bothered by Workplace Stress? These Plants May Help

We know it is frustrating to see that you are putting your 100 per cent and still your work is not doing all the talking. Well, here you go wrong. You need to blow your own trumpet at least sometimes. There may be a possibility that your boss remains too busy to notice your work, or he may be having a lot of people to manage. So, you need to take things in your hands and approach your boss to inform him about your work. To turn his head, here are certain tips that can help you. Also Read - Bizarre 'Smell Check'! This Workplace's Bathroom Rules Says Employees Must Adhere to 'Time Limit' or Face 'Smell Check'

Show your proactiveness

A boss has a lot of things to do and manage. While doing everything at the same time, it easy to get a few things out of the mind. In this case, you, as a responsible employee, need to show your effort and proactiveness. Remind your boss of work that he has missed and tell him that you can do that if needed. This helping nature of yours may move him enough to notice your work. Showing your willingness to share your boss’s work like making a presentation or checking weekly reports can speak a lot about your sincerity. Also Read - Effective Exercises For Your Workplace

Be friends with the right people

Every person has some favourites or a group of close allies. Look for individuals your boss is close to. His circle of advisers can do good to you if you are smart enough to find your way through them. If your colleague or somebody in another team sits with your boss quite often and your boss trusts him well, you need to make that person, your best ally. And, talk about your work in front of him so that he can pass the information to the right person. Let the person know how dedicated you are at work.