Normally, everyone including children breathes through nose. In case your child sleeps with his mouth open, it means he is having some issue while breathing with his nose. Newborns do not develop reflex of breathing with mouth. So, if they are doing it, there is something to be concerned about. Also Read - The Art of Conscious Parenting is All You Need to Learn to Correctly Shape Your Child's Life

Sleeping with mouth open is a sign of some kind of obstruction in nasal passage. From a simple blockage to complex condition, the reason behind it can be an array of things. We will discuss about them here. If your child is breathing through his mouth, his body is getting less oxygen than required. Also, hair present in nose helps in filtering bacteria and irritants which mouth cannot do. So, you must take necessary step in order to tackle this problem. But before that you need to know the reasons why your child is breathing through his mouth. Read further to know about them. Also Read - Sara Ali Khan Reveals She is Queen of Her own Dreams as She Shares Childhood Pictures, Ananya Pandey Loves The Caption

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Accumulated mucus can block the nose and force to breathe through mouth. This happens during summers as the air makes the mucus in the nostril dry. It can also occur due to fever or some allergy.

Deviated Septum

People with narrow upper jaw usually face breathing problem. The abnormal cartilage in the nostril can make breathing through nose difficult.

Sleep Apnea

Enlarged tonsil or adenoida can also lead to this problem. These factors are responsible for sleep apnea in which people snore and pause while breathing.

Adopted Habit

Children sometimes make breathing through mouth, a habit. This may be a result of a prolonged sickness that forced them to breathe through mouth.