Ladies, do not normalise domestic violence. It is absolutely not okay to be in an abusive relationship. And, you deserve better things in life.Also Read - Shweta Tiwari Teams up With Debina Bonnerjee And Others For a Video on COVID-19 But Some Think it Accidentally Promotes Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the worse thing a woman can expect specially during the lockdown. Cases of violence against women has seen a surge during the pandemic. As per the reports of India’s National Commission for Women (NCW), a total of 587 complaints of domestic violence have been registered between March 23 and April 16. Do not forget that this is just the registered number of cases. There are women who experience this torture on a daily basis and still find it difficult to come out and speak against it. This is what has given power and encouragement to men. Also Read - COVID-19: 'Disheartened' Shikhar Dhawan Urges Citizens to Stop Domestic Violence

We understand that financial dependency and social pressure are not letting some women to take a stand for themselves and come out of the abusive relationship. But, sometimes, you just need a bit of courage and things follow. If you are feeling inhibited in coming forward, here we give you enough reasons why you should not condone domestic violence. Also Read - Coronavirus: Delhi Police Froms 6 Teams to Look Into Violence Against Doctors, Cops | Highlights

Tolerating abuse encourages more violent behaviour

It is important to stop your partner the very first time he raises hands on you or he abuses you verbally. Not doing so gives a feeling of authority and superiority to men and encourages more violent behaviour. Tolerating violence gives encouragement to those indulging in it. Women usually brush up domestic violence by justifying it with bad mood or effect of alcohol consumption. They forget that it can lead to grave consequences. Do not let the violence and abuse become a habit of your partner. You and your pride are important. Do not let anyone undermine your worth.

You can survive without a partner

You need to start realising your capabilities. You do not need a man to take care of your requirements and fulfill your dreams. You can do that yourself with the help of knowledge, strength, and confidence. So, if the fear of uncertainties in life is stopping you from firmly saying no to domestic violence, gather the courage and do the needful. You can also ask for your family’s help.

Great things and people are awaiting you

It is okay to feel inhibited in meeting new people or getting into a new relationship or even trusting others after experiencing violence. But that fear should not be permanent. You deserve better things and people in life. You deserve to be loved and respected. So, come out of that dark phase of life and welcome new and better possibilities.