It is early Christmas for Donald Trump supports while Hillary Clinton camp needs to binge watch on Netflix to get over the heartache. But the group which is most affected by the shocking US Presidential Elections results in favour of Republican candidate Donald Trump are influential celebrities from the entertainment industry. The likes of Miley Cyrus, Samuel L. Jackson, Amber Rose and many others had vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump won the elections. But America chose their 45th President in the form of Trump, and now it will be interesting to see if these biggies actually pack their bags and leave The States. Let us take a look at eight celebrities and what they had said about leaving the country before the announcement of heart-breaking result.

1. Amber Rose

Amber Rose

In March this year, Amber Rose said she would leave the United States if Trump gets elected as the top leader. Adding further, she joked about packing up her stuff and move to Canada instead. The 33-year-old businesswoman said, ‘I’m leaving the United States if [Trump] is elected. F*** it. I’m moving to Canada. It’s over.’

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Calling Donald Trump a ‘fucking nightmare’, Miley Cyrus had put across a strong message of against Trump earlier this year. The singer-actress had written a lengthy post on Instagram after the Republican nomination had posed with a huntress who killed exotic animals expressing her disgust. At the end of the caption, she vowed to leave the country if Trump became the US President. She wrote, “Honestly f**k this shit I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!” Well, where is Miley heading to? Maybe Australia with her fiancee Liam Hemsworth?

3. Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson seemed to be not too impressed with Donald Trump as he accused the billionaire businessman of running a hate campaign. The Avengers actor had told Jimmy Kimmel back in 2015, “If that motherf—ker becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa.” Will someone book a one-way ticket for Captain Fury?

4. Cher


Singer Cher expressed her disappointment after Donald Trump was chosen as the US president by writing – world will never be the same. I feel Sad for the young.will never be more than the toilet, I’ve used as a symbol 4 Him. U Can’t Polish . In 2015, the superstar singer tweeted, “If he were to be elected, I’m moving to Jupiter.” Keep Cher-ing your tweets from the outer space!

5. Stephen King

Stephen King

What can scare Stephen King on this planet? Well, his worst fear has indeed come true. The noted writer who enjoyed scaring the readers with his masterpieces had claimed that “Trump presidency scares me to death”. The author who said Trump’s speeches “is like listening to a piano fall down stairs” admitted he would have had to move to Canada if he won. Get a one-way ticket for Mr King as well.

6. Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

The stand-up comedian and Comedy Central star was not quite sure of the country she would have to move if Donald Trump won the elections though she vaguely named Spain. Amy said, “My act will change because I’ll need to learn to speak Spanish because I will move to Spain, or somewhere,” she said. “It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s too crazy.”

7. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea handler

Comedian, actress was among the first ones to react after Trump took over the presidency. She tweeted, “My condolences to the President and First Lady. We will keep aiming high. We may not have you honoured you this time, but we will honor you.” Handler who just like Schumer opposed Trump’s ways had said during an interview on ABC’s Live with Kelly and Michael, “I did buy a house in another country just in case’. Well, looks like United States is going to be lighter in terms of star population.

8. Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell

The House of Cards actress Neve Campbell told in an interview that she will “move back to Canada” (her native place) from the US, her current residence, if Trump wins. The Canadian actress who is known to be scream queen thanks to her early stint in horror movies confessed to be scared of Trump becoming the president. “It’s really scary,” she said. “My biggest fear is that Trump will triumph.” Girl, fear no more because it is futile now.