Is your hair a tangled mess? During winter with no hair spa day, do you often get worried about all the hair that you have been losing out? Seasonal hair loss is common and there are a lot of products out there to help you with all your hair woes. We tried Dr Batra’s hair care kit and here’s what we feel about it. Dr Batra’s hair kit came with a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil, each packed in a 200 ml bottle. Also, the kit had a hair vitalizing serum that comes in a 125 ml sturdy spray bottle. The products formulated by trichologists are enriched with natural ingredients which are not at all harsh on your hair and promises to help all the hair fall woes. (ALSO READ 5 Curly Hair Hacks to Get Manageable Curls!). Also Read - Here's Your Step-to-Step Guide For Daily Skincare By Shahnaz Husain

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Dr Batra’s hair kit contained jojoba enriched hair oil which is not too heavy, but it perfectly moisturizes the hair as well as the scalp. It has a mild fragrance that works just fine because you have to leave the oil in your hair for about 30 minutes. Considering it has sesame oil, coconut oil, amla and brahmi extracts, we were expecting the fragrance to be overpowering. Using just a little bit of it gives the hair a nice shine. This oil works well to restore the texture and luster of hair naturally. (ALSO READ Top 15 frequently asked questions about hair, answered!). Also Read - Summer Skincare: DIY Anti-Tan Face Packs That Shahnaz Husain Swears By

The henna enriched shampoo in the kit is really mild. It does not lather much, which is a good thing because it does not leave the hair dry and frizzy. Though we were a tad bit disappointed because of the fragrance since we like shampoos to smell pleasant. The shampoo had a fragrance like any other herbal shampoo.

We were surprised with Dr Batra’s hair kit conditioner! The conditioner enriched with amla works like magic to condition your hair, remove tangles and leave it soft and smooth. The conditioner has a pleasant fragrance and just a little amount of the product provides the perfect bounce and sheen to the hair. (ALSO READ Is beer really good for your hair? Here’s how to wash your hair with beer!).

The hair care kit also has a hair vitalizing serum which has some of the most effective ingredients such as natural hops, ginseng, capsicum extract and Pisums Sativum sprout extract. This hair serum is supposed to be applied to the scalp on the affected area of hair loss. The product gives best results when used overnight.

After using the products we found less number of hair strands while brushing the hair but we cannot comment on the hair growth. The individual bottles of the above-mentioned products are not available for sale. You can buy the whole Dr Batra’s hair care kit for Rs 1085 only.