Whenever it comes to dressing up, people chose something that can impress others. And, that’s what leads to disappointment and sadness when people do not appreciate your fashion sense or judge you as always. So, what do you need to do in order to keep from these heartbreaks?

Well you need to change your thought and start dressing up for yourself. This is what a famous model and actor Sushant Divgikar says. The man is an active representater of India’s LGBT community on the global map and doesn’t shy away from showing his true identity. He doesn’t have any fear of being judged or being mocked. Living in the closet is not his way. Sushant believes in voicing his thoughts and style.

For those who do not know Sushant Divgikar, he is a performer, singer, video jockey and was crowned Mr. Gay India in the year 2014. He also appeared in Bigg Boss Season 8 and gathered much appreciation for confidently displaying his sexuality in a decent way. It takes a lot of guts and courage to open up about something like this especially when you are living in a country or society like India. And, that is why Sushant also felt like fiercely guarding his sexuality initially. But now the man is confident and worth idealizing.

In spite of lots of criticism, that, of course, comes with appreciation, he managed to stay strong. Now, the columnist says that he doesn’t give a damn to what people (especially haters) think of himself. He knows what makes him comfortable and happy. He wears what he love to even if it breaks the stereotype. He has his own style. Want to know about Sushant Divgikar’s style and sense of fashion? Watch this video.