Water plays a significant role in our health as a human body is around 65 per cet water. From improving digestion to helping in weight loss and boosting immunity, water does a lot for you. As per some anecdotal evidences, water also helps in maintaining skin and hair health. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day can stimulate hair growth and make your tresses strong.Also Read - Hair Care Tips: Here is How to Keep Your Curly Hair Healthy

Hair follicles, just like other living parts of the body, require water to be hydrated. Water acts a nutrition to these follicles as it contains minerals like copper, zinc, and calcium, that are essential for hair growth. Not having enough water can cause dehydration and that can further lead to hair fall. Also Read - Men, Try Aloe Vera Gel to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy

Copper present in water helps in maintaining the pigment of your hair. Its deficiency can cause hair abnormalities. Calcium, on the other hand, makes your tresses look shiny. Additionally, zinc positively affects cell proliferation, which is important for hair growth.

If you wish to have long and strong tresses, apart from drinking enough water, you need to make sure the water is of good quality and safe to have.