Durga Puja 2017 is almost here! So, you might have picked your perfect outfit and figured out about your makeup as well. But you also need to have the perfect hair do to get the look right. We shared with you traditional makeup and also everyday 9 to 5 makeup for the festive season. Today we share with you the perfect elegant hairdo inspired by none other than Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor. You can sport this elegant updo when you are wearing a saree to get the look right. Sonam kapoor is known for her versatile up-do’s and she carries it off well. Here’s how you too can get this chic hairdo for Durga Puja 2017. (ALSO READ Rock this Sonam Kapoor Inspired Festive Hairdo for Navratri!). Also Read - Holi 2021 Hair Care and Skin Care: Best Tips to Cure Damage From Colours

You need to have fresh and clean hair to get this hairdo, so start by using some dry shampoo on your hair. Take a section of hair from the top of the ear , all the way to the top of the head and pin it up using a section clip. Tie the rest of the hair so that it does not come in the way. Also Read - Beauty Tips: Top 6 Home Remedies For Glowing Skin | Watch Video

Now release the top section and start back combing to add volume and texture. Take a part of this section and wrap it around two fingers to add extra volume, before using bobby pins to secure this section. Now take the rest , twist it and repeat the same process with the rest of the hair. Take another section from the side, twist it and pull it to add volume before pinning it. Do this on the entire section of the hair that you have back combed. Also Read - Rhea Kapoor Shares Bold Bikini Picture With Body Positivity Note, Reveals 'I Thought I Was Fat'

Once you are done move on to the section that you have pulled back into a ponytail. Separate this section into two equal halves and cross them over each other.Start twist the left section and pull on it gently. Wrap it around to form a bun and secure with bobby pins from all the side. Now do the same thing on the other side. Use a lot of bobby pins and u pins to secure the bun from all the sides.
The last step is to spray the updo with some hairspray to get the hold. Using the hair spray will make sure that you hair remains in place for a longer duration of time.

Watch the video above to get this look right. Try this elegant hairdo as you head to your favorite Durga Puja pandal and flaunt your amazing updo!