Beauty blender is the best friend of all makeup lovers. No matter whether it is baby pink in colour, a plain white or purple, beauty blender is complete in itself and ideal for getting a perfect makeup finish. It is quite versatile and so works with almost everything. You can apply foundation, concealer and other skincare products with the help of these tiny teardrop-shaped beauty blenders. These tiny sponges can help you get a smooth looking face. Also Read - Baking Soda, The Ultimate Beauty Enhancer

Here we tell you about what else beauty blenders can do apart from helping you get perfectly blended makeup. Experiment the below mentioned hacks and let us know your experience. Also Read - These Essential Oils Are Filled With Incredible Beauty Benefits

Get rid of puffy eyes with a beauty blender

Getting up with puffy eyes is quite normal and that majorly happens when you do not have enough sleep. In that case, you can soak your beauty blender in cold water and then gently press it under your eyes. This simple hack can vanish the puffiness. Also Read - Reasons Why You Should Make Moong Dal Your Beauty Arsenal

Create Ombre nail art

For this, you need a mini blender of any shape. Cut it into half and start applying shades of nail paints of your choice on the flat side of the beauty blender. Make sure the nail polish shades are being applied one under the other. Once you are done with that, stamp it on your nails on which the base coat is already applied. Clean any spillage and seal the pattern by applying the topcoat.

Create perfect winged eyeliner using beauty blender

Creating flawless winged eyeliner needs perfection. If you always mess it up, here comes the beauty blender for your rescue. Take a mini blender and cut a one-fourth part of it. Apply the eyeliner on its tip and stamp it on the corners of your eyes. And, you will get the perfect winged eyeliner.