The trend of the Sunday brunch is not new. The concept of a late meal on weekends has become quite popular in cities, with people choosing to meet with friends over a sumptuous brunch and some drinks, while they catch up with each other’s lives. However, it’s widely known that uneasy lies the house that hosts the party and a brunch meet is no exception. Given the timing of the brunch, it’s not easy to choose what you’ll be preparing for your upcoming brunch meet this weekend.

The meal should be filling and yet should not be too greasy, spicy or heavy, as that can be hard on your guests’ tummies. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too bland or boring. Mumbai-based Chef Mitesh Rangras who co-owns Colaba-based Pan-Asian restaurant Lemon Leaf, has suggested two brilliant brunch recipes that are sure to win you many compliments at your upcoming brunch. ALSO READ: Healthy Breakfast Recipes by Chef Ranveer Brar from his new book Come Into My Kitchen

Chef Mitesh has travelled extensively across India and globally to collect experiences and flavours which have influenced him to create trademarks dishes and culinary experience as the many restaurants that he currently owns and heads. He has been in the hospitality industry for over 14 years now and has to his credit restaurants like Lemon Grass, Monza, Pot Pourri, Aoi, Food at Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), besides scores of other restaurants acorss the country.

Lemon Leaf is Rangras’s latest project. The restaurant has recently launched and is already a hot favourite amongst the South Mumbai crowd. Here are two Asian brunch recipes recommended by Chef Mitesh, which will make your guests very happy:

1. Crunchy Chicken Bao 


Pre-made Bao: 3 pieces
Sriracha Mayonnaise: 30 gm
Lolo Rosso: 10 Gms
Meat/Vegetables: 50-60 gm
Bao Sauce: 10 gm
Other Accompaniment: 20 gm


Heat the Baos in the steamer until warm and slightly moist to touch.

Squeese the Sriracha Mayonnaise between the bao.

Now line with lolo rosso lettuce.

Fill in the meat/vegetables as per order with the sauce. Add more as per any other accompaniment required.

Add the Chiba Shubi and place onto black slate plates.

Garnish with micro greens. ALSO READ: Christmas Special Cocktail Recipes: Best and easy homemade cocktail recipes for a very Merry Christmas!

2. Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls

Rice Paper Sheet: 02 pieces
Lettuce (Assorted): 50 gm
Carrot (Shredded): 05 gm
Mint Leaves: 01 gm
Sweet Chilli Sauce: 20 gm


Dampen the rice paper sheets under cold running water.

On a flat surface, lay the wet rice sheets and line the center of the sheets with assorted lettuce (Ice berg, Romaine and Lolo Rosso).

To this, add shredded carrots and meat/tofu cubes as per the portion.

Sprinkle over it, torn fresh mint leaves and pour sweet chilli sauce.

Now, starting from the side closest to you, roll the sheets, applying just enough pressure as to enclose it perfectlyy with all the filling.

Cut roll into four equal halves.

Plate along with sweet chilli sauce on the side.