The festive season is here which calls for beautiful home décors and creating good vibes around us. Markets have already started flooding with various decorations and ornaments etc however, a lot of us are continuing social distancing, so why not take on some DIY decor projects? Also Read - Ek Chutki Sindoor? YouTube Channel Slammed For Adding 'Sindoor' to Anushka Sharma's Diwali Pictures, Twitter Asks Why

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, a beginner or a professional, acrylic painting is something that all of us can do. It’s fun, easy, and economical. Even if you think your artistic skills are not so enhanced you can still try some of these and surprise yourself. Acrylics blend smoothly, making the end result look appealing, you can choose from the variety of brands that are available for this project. Also Read - New Zealand Cops Dance to ‘Kala Chashma’ & 'Kar Gayi Chull' on Diwali, Set Twitter on Fire | Watch

Here’s a list of easy-peasy DIY Acrylic Painting projects that you can start with and get your hands all dipped with colors shared by Faber Castell. Also Read - No Firecrackers, No Sweets: Villagers of Gumatapura Celebrate Diwali In Unique Way

1. Mandala

Mandala is like rangoli, just on a canvas. All you need is a paper, geometric compass, ruler, pencil, markers, and acrylic colors. It’s a piece of artwork made up of geometric shapes and designs meant to symbolize the universe. Often, Mandalas are used by many people as an art therapy tool as it has benefits like reducing anxiety, depression, relaxing the overworked minds, increasing creativity and self-awareness, stabilizing blood pressure, and having the same effect as that of meditation.

Start by making a small circle using a compass and drawing consecutively bigger circles around the first. Divide it horizontally, vertically, and further into more parts. Now the fun begins, draw whatever shape you want in all the wedges starting from the centre in symmetry going outwards till you complete the circle, and Voila! Your mandala is ready. Fill it with colors to make it look more beautiful. Inspiration for a mandala is all around you!

2. Canvas Painting

If you’re thinking of decorating your room or studio with some artwork, all you need is a blank canvas and some acrylic colors. You can create a lot of easy, abstract, and fun artwork with your imagination.

If you’re a beginner, you can go for painting initials, favorite quotes, abstract, splashing paint, galaxy painting or painting using scotch tape. For the festive season, you can try painting artworks related to Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Durga, or just symbols like lights and bold colors.

3. Glass Bottle Painting

You can give your home a pop of color in the easiest way by reusing old glass bottles, decorating, and painting them with acrylic colors. Be it fine wine bottles, milkshake bottles, or beer bottles; with just a pinch of imagination and creativity, you can turn them into great home decor items. You can use them to hold flowers. Paint mason jars the same way and use them for holding pens, paintbrushes, and utensils. Decorate with stones, mirrors, jute rope, and ribbons, or just fairy lights. You can even add an exotic touch with Henna-inspired designs.

4. Stone Painting

Stones can be used for a lot of DIYs – for planters, gardens, aquariums, and even stone jewelry. But creating art on stones is probably the best one. It is not much different than painting paper, canvas, or walls. The supplies are the same—just the surface is different (eco-friendly too)—but that’s what can be challenging.

If you’re thinking about what you can use them for, make them into magnets, decorate your garden, create seasonal decorations, make paperweights or gifts or give paperweights as gifts, write inspirational messages on them, etc.

5. Matki Painting

Matkis are usually found in all of our households or even roadside easily and they are inexpensive. To turn the boring matki into a decorative piece, consider painting it in different colors and adding patterns with acrylic colors. If you’re feeling extra creative, add glitter, rhinestones, stickers, ribbons, or peacock feathers.

6. Elephant Garland

Garlands are a huge part of Indian festivities. From beads to flowers to pom poms, a lot of variety is available in the market. Elephants are considered sacred animals in Hindus and give a cozy, traditional atmosphere. Hence, elephant-shaped garlands are a good option for decorations.

All you need is scrapbook paper, string, and some acrylic color. Cut out elephant shapes, paint, punch holes and link them all together with the string. You can even hang several rows of elephants vertically to decorate a wall or create a photo backdrop.

7. Diya Painting

Festivities, especially Diwali are incomplete without the illumination of loads and loads of diyas and candles around the house. Paint them and you can create beautiful corners or line them along the wall.

8. Greeting Cards

In this time of the pandemic, when many of us can’t visit our loved ones, DIY greeting cards are a great way to give a personalized touch and are a beautiful expression of love. You can create handmade greeting cards and send them to your friends and family. It feels special to send and receive them.

9. CD Painting

CDs can become great decorative pieces if we’re creative enough to use them as canvases and give them a transformation. We can find CDs lying around in our homes which we don’t use anymore and just have to upcycle them.

For this project, you’re going to need a few of your old CDs, a bottle of acrylic paint, a pencil, a paintbrush, and a thermacol cutter. Even if you don’t own all of these, they can be found for cheap at your local arts and crafts store. Just remove the shiny film with the cutter and you’re good to paint. Loads of ideas are available on the internet for this. You can hang them in a string or put it up on the wall.

10. Fluid Art

Fluid Art is the newest trend these days, which is a fun way to create abstract art. The best part about this is that even if everyone’s doing it, no two paintings can ever turn out to be the same. It’s an amazing way to enjoy painting without the usual traditional brushes. There are endless creative possibilities thanks to different ways to combine acrylic paints and there’s something so satisfying about watching it spill across a surface.

In this, Acrylic Paint is mixed with pouring medium and then poured onto a variety of surfaces like canvases, wood, mirrors, ceramic tiles, and more in different ways. Just pour the paint, disperse it with slow movement, and create your final design. You should try it this festive season!