There’s nothing better than sipping on warm cocktails while being wrapped cozily inside a blanket with a good book or the company of family and friends during winters. When it’s too cold for a night out at pubs or clubs or you’re too broke to spend a lot of money on cocktails in bars, it’s the home made cocktails that salvage your weekends. Whether a casual house party with just your very close friends or family or a formal get-together with colleagues and acquaintances, your mixology skills can come in handy during winters. Also Read - Mangalore Kori Sukka Recipe: Try Out This Delectable Dish at Home And Bring Great Flavours of The Konkan Coast

Here are three easy-to-make cocktails that you can prepare when entertaining guests at home during the winters. The Mulled Wine recipe is by Aman Dua, head mixologist at Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. The spiked monk’s coffee is by Irudaya Deepak, F&B Manager at Royal Orchid Hotel, Bengaluru. The Blue Blazer recipe is by world famous mixology expert and author of the world’s first cocktail guide book The Bon Vivant’s Companion or How to Mix Drinks, Jerry Thomas. Thomas is also known as the ‘father of American mixology’. ALSO READ: Top 10 strongest Alcoholic Drinks of the World: From Absinthe to Everclear and beyond! Also Read - Malai Kofta Recipe: Here's How to Make This Creamy North Indian Dish

Mulled Wine Recipe

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1 bottle Shiraz Wine
6-7 nos. Cinnamon sticks
1 small Nutmeg, crushed
8-10 nos Black Peppercorns
8-10 nos Cloves,
5-6 nos Star Anise.

1. In a muslin cloth, tie all the spices together, forming a secure pouch.
2. Pour the wine into a large pan and drop this spice-pouch. Bring the wine to a boil at 65 Degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes to infuse the flavours of the spices.
3. Serve the warm decoction in a Red wine glass and garnish with orange peel and a cinnamon stick. ALSO READ: Jack Daniel’s is now selling whiskey flavoured coffee and 2017 is already better!

Spiced Monk’s Coffee Recipe


Old Monk: 30ml
Baileys: 30ml
Double Espresso Shots: 90ml
Cinnamon Powder: ½ tea spoon
Cardamom seeds powder: 1 pinch
Vanilla Extract: 1 bean
Spawn Sugar: for Garnish
Approx. 2 table spoon caramalised sugar

1. In cocktail shaker, add rum, Baileys, Cinnamon Powder, cardamom seeds powder and shake well.
2. Take a Mug add Espresso, and vanilla extract heat with steam and pour in a serving glass cup.
3. Slowly pour the Rum mix and decorate with Spawn sugar ball and serve. ALSO READ: Best Homemade Hangover Cures to rescue you after a long night of binge-drinking!

The Blue Blazer Recipe

Whisky: 90ml
Boiling water: 60ml
1 spoon of sugar


Pour the mixture into two mugs, shake well by pouring the burning liquid between the two mugs, for around six times, before pouring into a glass. Garnish with a lemon peel.

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