What’s the first thing you do when you get hold of a Nutella jar? Make a toast, a pancake, or a crepe, spread some Nutella on them and eat them? Or, grab the nearest spoon and start eating it right out of the jar? If you said ‘me af’ to the second question, congratulations, you are a bonafide Nutella addict. No one can call you a prude for wanting to eat Nutella straight out of the jar and it’s completely legitimate, let me assure you. But what if I told you that there are lazy girl hacks to include Nutella in different kinds of desserts, and that these have a preparation time of not more than five minutes?

As certified Nutella addicts ourselves, we understand your need to reach for the jar every time you’re in the kitchen. But believe it or not, there are more interesting and more delicious ways of eating the chocolatey goodness that straight out of the jar. Althought Nutella is too perfect in itself, there are a few things you can add to it to up your dessert game and hence, advance to the stage of a pro-Nutella addict. ALSO READ: How to make yummy & healthy apple, quinoa salad and chicken tikka salad

Given below are our favourite Nutella hacks that will ensure that you stay at the top of your dessert game:

Frozen Banana and Nutella soft serve

This is the best and the easiest way to make ice-cream that is both yummy and takes just about 15 minutes to prepare. It just takes two ingredients- frozen bananas and Nutella to prepare and you’ll be addicted to the taste of it. Take two frozen bananas, preferably chopped and put them in the blender. Add some Nutella scoops to it and then start the blender. Keep on blending until the bananas have turned to a pulp and have completely blended with the Nutella to attain a thick ice-cream like consistency. The soft serve is ready to be eaten! You don’t need to add any sugar to the ice-cream as bananas themselves have a good amount of natural sugars (considerably more than other fruits) and Nutella has added sugars as it is. You can also serve it with some chopped nuts like walnuts and almonds. ALSO READ: Easy Apple Recipes for Weight Loss: 4 ingenious and healthy ways of eating apples while dieting

Nutella Dip

Nutella dip is one of our most favourite things in the world. It can be served with fruits like strawberries, bananas, apples etc, or simply spread it on your wheat crepe or pancakes or eat them with waffle sticks, churros, etc. It’s easy-to-make and adds the much needed rich fluff to your desserts and breakfast foods. Take some whipping cream and whip it with hand or in a machine, until stiff peaks start forming. In another bowl, mix some cream cheese, powdered sugar and Nutella. Fold the whipping cream in with the cream cheese and nutella mix and serve with different kinds of fruits and chocolate sauce.

Nutella popsicles

Nutella popsicles are something all kids as well as adults will definitely enjoy eating. These are the perfect easy sweet treats you need to serve at your next summer party. All you need to make these are three things- Nutella, milk and some popsicle moulds. You can take any ice-cream moulds that are available around you. Whatever the shape, the taste it going to charm its way into your life. Take about two cups of milk and two thirds cup Nutella in a mixing bowl and mix it all in properly until the milk and Nutella are not separately visible. Pour the Nutella milk into the moulds and set the moulds in the freezer for about six hours. Take them out and serve them around! ALSO READ: Top 5 easy home made detox water recipes to burn fat faster!

If you want, you can also add some interesting toppings to the popsicles.  After the popsicles are frozen, you can coat them with some melted dark chocolate. The chocolate will set immediately due to the cold popsicle so before that happens add some sprinkles, or dried fruits on them to make them ever more tasty. Stick the popsicles in the freezer until the toppings are set, before serving them around.

Nutella jar hot chocolate

This hack is made for the die-hard Nutella fans, who don’t like to waste even half a spoon of the gooey chocolatey goodness that is Nutella. We all have felt the disappointment when we have had to give up after trying very hard to scoop out every last bit of Nutella from the jar and failing. Well this hack with save you all the heartbreak by making sure all that Nutella goes into your tummy. All you have to do is medium heat some milk until it comes to a boil. Make sure the milk isn’t scathing hot as it might get difficult for you to handle the jar then.  ALSO READ: Easy Vegetarian Recipes From Dubai: hummus with dry figs & walnuts and Spaghetti with tomato & parsley sauce

Pour the hot milk into the almost-empty Nutella jar and fill three-fourths of it with the milk. Now shut the lid and wrap a hand towel or a piece of cloth around the jar (to save your hands from getting scalded) and shake the jar to mix the nutella with the milk. Once you can see the jar clearing up, you will know that you’ve got all the bits of Nutella that had been in hiding and just out of your reach! Pour the hot chocolate in a mug and top it with some mini marshmallows and enjoy!

Nutella frosted cupcakes

This Nutella frosting will take your putting-Nutella-on-everything-addiction to a whole new level. If you’ve baked a batch of perfect cupcakes, but are feeling too lazy to work on the frosting, this five-minute frosting is the blessing you were asking for. It’s easy-to-make and goes with almost any and every flavour of cupcakes from red velvet, to blueberry to banana, strawberry, peanut butter, and of course chocolate. All you need to do is whip some cream until it’s light and stiff peaks form in it and then mix it with some powdered sugar and nutella. Fold the whipped cream in gently, until you get a good thick frosting-like consistency. ALSO READ: How to make mulled wine, spiked monk’s coffee & Blue Blazer cocktails at home

Put a good smattering of the frosting onto your cupcakes voila! you’re ready to impress. You can decorate the forsting with some rainbow sprinkles, mini chocolate chops, or sugar hearts and flowers, depending on what is available with you at that point.

Nutella truffles

Nutella truffles are your perfect sweet treats to serve at any party or get together, or just to enjoy some rich chocolatey dessert. Add Nutella and cocoa powder (preferably one without sugar) in the ratio of one is to two parts to a blender and blend them together to form a thick paste with a tight fudge-like consistency. Adjust the quantity of Nutella and the cocoa powder according to the consistency to achieve the ideal thickness. Take the paste out of the blender and roll it out into small balls. Spread some cocoa powder on a plate and roll the truffle balls into the powder so good amounts of it sticks.

Now you can either stick the balls into the fridge for some time to allow them time to set and get firm. Alternatively, if you like your truffles a little loose and chewy, you can eat them right away! Personally we like the loose truffles better. You can even add some peanut butter to the blender (equal amounts of peanut butter and Nutella and twice the amount of cocoa powder) to add the buttery taste and enhance the flavour of the truffle.