Winter seems to be a cozy and beautiful season but it brings various problems that can be challenging for you. The fall in temperature can take a toll on your health. From making your skin dry to increasing your susceptibility to experiencing an asthma attack, and strep throat, cold weather can affect you in many ways. Here, we will discuss the problem of dry skin in detail. During winters, the dead skin cells start accumulating. The drying occurs not only on the skin but also on your scalp. The dead cells form tiny flakes and fall off during this cold weather. This happens due to the loss of enough moisture. Here we tell you about some easy ways to prevent the onset of dandruff this winter.

After cleaning your hair, do use a gentle moisturizing conditioner. This can help in keeping the moisture intact to the scalp and prevent it from getting dry and itchy. You can also use some herbal moisturizers or yogurt to keep your scalp moisturized.

Do not forget to apply oil on your scalp. One of the best oils to use is olive oil. It acts as a protective barrier and protects your hair from falling off. Containing plant fats like vitamin E, phytosterols, and polyphenols, olive oil can moisturize your scalp. You can apply this oil on your face, body, and scalp. Before applying, do not forget to dilute olive oil with little water.

Add food rich in vitamin B and zinc in your daily diet to maintain good scalp health. Some of the food with these nutrients include whole grains, eggs, broccoli, nuts, beans, etc. You can also have omega-3 fatty acid-rich food. Notably, a deficiency of this fatty acid is known to have side-effects like dandruff, dry skin, and brittle nails.