Easy Weight Loss Tips: Lose up to 300 Calories Sitting at Home With These Simple Food Swaps

East Weight Loss Tips: Here, we will tell you about the 5 most common foods that you should replace with their healthier and lower-calorie options in order to cut out up to 300 calories from your daily intake.

Published: October 24, 2020 11:37 AM IST

By India.com Lifestyle Staff | Edited by Juhi Kumari

Avoid These Common Mistakes if Trying to Lose Weight
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How would you feel if we say that you can burn up to 300 calories by just sitting at home? Surprised? Don’t be! Today, we are going to tell you about 5 simple food swaps that can change your life for good.

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Are you killing yourself every day by doing cardio like jogging, running on a treadmill to burn just burn around 200-300 calories and feel fed up? Do you want to give up on these torturing exercises but wish to lose weight at the same time? If yes, you have reached the right place. Here, we will tell you about the 5 most common foods that you should replace with their healthier and lower-calorie options in order to cut out up to 300 calories from your daily intake.

Replace Full Cream Milk With Double Toned Milk 

Though milk is a super drink, it contains a lot of calories. So, if you are consuming a full-cream cow or buffalo milk, you need to stop doing that right now. Switch to double toned milk. If you are a coffee or tea lover and have them twice or thrice a day, the calories in the milk add up to your daily calorie intake. To lower it down, you need to just replace it with its healthier option. It will help you cut down on around 100 calories which you will otherwise burn after jogging on a treadmill for around 25 minutes.

Swap Sugar or Honey With Artificial Sweeteners

Don’t be surprised. Even though honey has a healthy status, it contains a lot of calories. You will be shocked to know that one tablespoon of sugar contains around 50 calories and the same quantity of honey contains more than 60 calories. Therefore, we suggest you replace it with natural or organic artificial sweeteners.

Eat Chicken Breast Instead of Chicken Legs

If you are a non-vegetarian and loves having chicken now and then, you must know that all parts of a chicken were not created equal. You must pick chicken breast over chicken legs or even mutton. This is because chicken breast is the lowest calorie option and it has the highest protein content of the three per 100 grams. Also, it has zero carbs and next to zero fat. So, from now, have only this complete protein superfood to cut up to 150 calories which you usually can achieve after jogging for around 30 minutes.

Pick Fruits Over Fruit Juices

Fruit juice can never be a healthier substitute for the fruit itself. Here, we are not just talking about packaged fruit juices but those made at home too. You get a glass of orange juice by squeezing around 6 oranges and then you usually add some sugar to it too. Imagine the number of calories it can add up to your body. Can you even think of eating 6 oranges in one go? When you pick a juice instead of a fruit, you not only miss out on the fiber content of the fruit but also end up consuming way more calories than required. You can cut up to 50 per cent of your calorie intake by opting for fruit instead of its juice.

Have Powder Sauce Instead of Ketchup/Mayo

If you like to have toast in the breakfast and want something to spread on it or marinate your chicken with, powder sauce is your go-to sauce. All you need to do is to take a small bowl and add your favourite mixture of spices along with peri-peri powder and also add a pinch of salt to it. Now add 2-3 drops of oil or enough water to get the consistency of a sauce. Notably, powder sauce has zero calories.

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Published Date: October 24, 2020 11:37 AM IST