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Eat These Food Items in Winter Season to Protect Yourself From Seasonal Flu And Covid-19

A nutritionist recommends foods you must include in your winter diet.

Published: February 3, 2022 11:41 AM IST

By Lifestyle Staff | Edited by Anjali Thakur

Eat These Food Items in Winter Season to Protect Yourself From Seasonal Flu And Covid-19
Eat These Food Items in Winter Season to Protect Yourself From Seasonal Flu And Covid-19 (Picture credit: Unsplash)

Common cold usually occurs during the fall and winter period. Rhinoviruses are the most common cause of the common cold. It usually causes upper respiratory tract infection but sometimes can proceed into lower respiratory tract infection. To beat seasonal flu and virus, it is important to follow a healthy diet during the season.

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Celebrity dietician and nutritionist Swati Bathwal in interaction with Zee News talked about foods to include in daily diet to maintain nutritional levels. She said, “We worry about macro-nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats and ignore the micronutrients which are essential for our well being and they play an important role in the metabolic pathways of our bodies. Minerals, Vitamins and Hydration are often ignored by people. So, an overall balance is a necessity and we also need to know the right combination, what’s the point of consuming meals when it is not absorbed through our gut.”

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Citing an example, Swati said, “we have tea with milk and then we have almonds or nuts. But nutrients in tea do not get absorbed in the presence of milk and iron from nuts do not get absorbed in the presence of tea due to a compound called tannins. So, a diet rich in fruits and nuts, vegetables, water, herbal teas along with balanced proteins, carbs and healthy fats is essential.”

Foods to eat during winters

Swati says one can have winter produces such as citrus fruits and vegetables which have immunity-boosting properties. “Oranges, pomelos, guava, amla have the richest vitamin c levels which help in boosting our immunity, along with this we have apples, strawberries, plums, pomegranate which have quercetin which repairs our cells.”

Swati emphasized that all green leafy vegetables are rich in iron, folate, calcium, vitamin b and fibre which have significant health benefits. “Spices in particular Ceylon cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, tulsi, ginger, raw garlic keep our body warm and have health benefits. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds should be consumed with jaggery,” she said.

Tips to combat seasonal flu

Swati recommends, “We have abundant Vitamin C. Rich foods like herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables to name a few. I suggest using amla, kokum, coriander, mint chutneys and garnish meals with coriander leaves, mint, dill, chives, and drink lemon water when waking up and in between meals. A fresh vegetable juice midday and snacking on 3 fresh fruits are also recommended.”

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