Empty nest syndrome is not a disease but a transitional period in the life of many parents. It occurs when you get separated from your children. Parents themselves try to make their children independent enough to lead a life of their own. However, when the child grows up and actually starts living independently, the parents feel a loss. The situation seems to be very disheartening and painful for them.

Most of the parents go through this syndrome when their children step out of their house for the first time to go to college or hostel. Even when the adult children move out in their own place, then also the parents feel left out. This majorly happens with those with a single child. We understand that it is quite difficult to let go of a person around whom you imagined your entire life. A sudden empty space seems bothering and heart-wrenching. This is what causes empty nest syndrome.

It is characterized by symptoms like a feeling of sadness, loss, distress, a loss of purpose, loneliness, and depression. Not only parents but children may also go through the same kind of emotions and problems. Empty nest syndrome is not diagnosed clinically but requires attention. The feeling of being unwanted in your child’s life for care and support is painful. Constant companionship is something people long for.

You can cope with the syndrome by indulging in a hobby. Think of things that interest you and start spending time doing that. This may replace your loneliness with joy. Do not keep any expectations. If you won’t expect and still get what you wished, you would be more than happy. Be in contact with your children through emails, texts, calls or visit them when you really miss them. Additionally, do not keep your feelings to yourself. Share them with your better half or friends. Stay positive, do yoga, and sleep properly.