Also known as impotency, erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem that makes it difficult for you to get a proper erection for the required period of time. A frequent problem in getting an erection, keeping it and having a reduced desire of having sex are some of the major symptoms that characterize this condition. It occurs when you going through some problems in your hormones, emotions, brain, or blood vessels. These factors help you get an erection during sexual activity. Certain conditions like stress and mental health problems can further make the problem severe. There can be an array of physical and psychological issues behind the onset of erectile dysfunction. Some of its common causes include obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, use of tobacco, sleep disorders, etc. A simple physical exam, blood test, and urine test can help your doctor diagnose your condition. If confirmed, you can treat erectile dysfunction with the help of some essential oils. Read further to know about them.Also Read - Sexual Health: Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Poor Productivity, Absenteeism + Other Problems

Rose essential oil

Rose oil can make you calm by increasing the secretion of happy hormone and treat stress and depression, two major reasons behind the onset of erectile dysfunction. Also, rose essential oil can increase your sexual desire by increasing the production of testosterone hormone and enhancing sperm quality. Also Read - Erectile Dysfunction? Here Are Some Herbs to Your Rescue

Lavender essential oil

According to the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons, the smell of lavender essential oil can potentially increase the blood flow to the male genital and treat erectile dysfunction. Also, having anti-anxiety and relaxing effects, the oil can help you get rid of stress and depression. Also Read - Zydus Cadila launches generic erectile dysfunction drug in US

Basil essential oil

This herbal medicine has various health benefits. According to research published in the journal Anatomy & Cell Biology, the use of basil essential oil can increase your sperm motility count and viability. Also, it can potentially reduce oxidative stress in the body. Moreover, basil oil has anti-anxiety properties like many other essential oils and can help you bid adieu to stress and treat erectile dysfunction.