Has it become normal for you to see your drain full of hair every day after taking a shower? Do you leave a trail of your precious long hair wherever you go? If yes, now is the time to bring some changes in your daily diet. You may be not providing enough nutrition to your hair locks and that’s the reason they fall.Also Read - Seasonal Hair Fall: These Tips Can Help You Prevent it

There can an array of other reasons behind this too like hormonal changes, excessive use of shampoo, hairstyle products etc. But we will start with the most basic cause behind hair fall. Most of the times, insufficient vitamin and minerals in the body leads to this problem. Here we tell you about a few super-foods that cannot only help you prevent hair fall but also improve the quality of your hair. Read on to know about them. Also Read - Experiencing Hair Fall? These Simple Practices Can Help You Prevent The Loss


This green veggie is associated with various health and beauty benefits. Being rich in vitamin A, C, protein and iron, spinach can easily prevent hair fall and help in its growth too. Notably, iron deficiency is one of the major causes of hair fall. Spinach also contains sebum that can be a perfect conditioner for your hair. This leafy vegetable has other nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, that can potentially improve the health of your scalp and hair. Also Read - Hair Fall: Look Out For These Health Conditions


Lentils are jam-packed with biotin, iron, and protein. All these nutrients are essential for good hair health. Additionally, lentils contain folic acid that is known to be responsible for restoring the health of red blood cells (RBCs). Notably, RBCs supply oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to your scalp and help in making your hair stronger.


Walnuts are loaded with biotin, B vitamins, and vitamin E. All these nutrients are known to strengthen your hair follicles and prevent hair fall. They also contain protein and magnesium that are good for hair growth.